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Careers Advice

All students at the Academy have access to a range of career guidance ranging from tutor time activities, units of work in SMSC activities, individual and group interviews with an independent advisor to career and university fairs both on and off site.

Take control of your life with useful information, advice and guidance on making the right learning, training and work decisions. Explore career paths, pick up tips on searching for a job and find out how to improve your interview skills using the links below.


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Useful links and sources of information

What science jobs are out there?

Science is such an all-encompassing field, it can be tricky for students to know where their talents and knowledge would be best suited. In this guide to careers in science, we take a look at all the jobs that are out there, what skills they require, and how to get started.

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How to improve your lateral thinking skills

Lateral thinking means taking a creative approach to solving problems. This post explores lateral thinking, how it can help students in their future careers, and how they can develop these skills right now.

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Are your students confused by apprenticeships?
Then take things back to basics with this article. We explore what apprenticeships are, how they compare with university, what qualifications you need to get started, and what apprenticeships are actually like. And with National Apprenticeship Week coming up in March (stay tuned for our mailing), we know you'll want to keep your students ahead of the game.

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How to write the perfect cover letter
Students applying for their first job can find writing a cover letter daunting. Happily we've come up with a helpful guide to get them inspired! The post includes detailed tips on writing a great cover letter, including basics on letter writing, handy tips on how to structure the letter, and great ideas to really make their letter shine.

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What are key skills?
The start of a brand new year is the perfect time for students to develop their skills for the workplace.
This post looks at the crucial skills that employers want and how to gain them, covering everything from communication to creativity.

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5 Reasons Why Apprenticeships Are A Real Alternative To University
Between now and 2020, the government will create 600,000 apprenticeships each year – around the same as the number of students starting university.

If you want to be a doctor or a teacher, or simply love your subject, then university may well be the right choice for you. But if you think you only do an apprenticeship if you want to be a mechanic or an electrician, you’re wrong!

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Directgov – National Careers Service
Information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities.
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Student Survivor
Student survivor, uniaid charity, with useful and fun links.
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Industry recognised qualifications for individual learners.
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Student Calculator
Budgeting made easy. Check your eligibility for loans & grants. Build your budget for uni.
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