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Gargrave Road, Skipton
North Yorkshire, BD23 1QL

Skipton Girls’ High School Local
Governing Body

As an academy and founding member of Northern Star Academies Trust (the Trust), Skipton Girls’ High School operates independently of the local authority under the stewardship of its Local Governing Body (LGB).

The LGB is accountable for overseeing the academy’s performance on behalf of the Directors (Trustees) of the Trust.

Here at Skipton Girls’ High School the LGB works closely with the Headteacher to ensure that standards at the academy are maintained as ‘Outstanding’ and all our students get the attention and support they need.

The LGB is responsible for maintaining the academy’s aims, values and ethos, setting policies on all educational matters pertaining to Skipton Girls’ High School, and taking oversight of its budget and financial performance.

The LGB consists of representatives from the staff (both teaching and associate staff), parents and other members of the local community, alongside members appointed by the Trust.

The Chair of Governors of our LGB is Mr Howard Cutler.

If you wish to contact our Chair of Governors, please contact Christine Simmonite, Clerk to the Governing Body, either by telephone: 01756 707600 or via email: simmonitec@sghs.org.uk.

General Governors Mr H Cutler –Chair of Governors
Mrs S Mansfield - Chair of Education
Mr R M Macintyre
Mrs A Priest 
Miss J Casper-Smith 
Staff Representatives

Mrs L Moyns (Associate Staff)
There is currently a vacancy for another Staff Representative

Parents’ Representatives Mr M Kelly – Vice-Chair
Mr R Millington
Mr D Whitfield
Headteacher Mrs J Plews
Deputy Headteacher Mrs A Wade
Clerk to the Governors Mrs C Simmonite


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