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You may have queries about your results from the summer series units you sat. There are various options from the Examination Boards available to you.

You should be aware that there is a cost involved for each of these options – a cost you will have to meet. Also be aware that marks and thus grades can go down as well as up in any check made. Grades are not considered final until certificates are published at the end of October.


  1. Clerical Re-check: this will check all parts of the script have been marked; the totalling and recording of marks is correct.
  2. A Review of Marking: This is NOT a re-mark. An Examiner checks to see that the marking guidelines have been correctly followed by the original Examiner.
  3. A Review of the Moderation of Coursework (A level) or Controlled Assessment (GCSE) work: BUT this can only be requested if the Examination Board Moderator has changed the teachers’ marks and all candidates are willing for this process to be carried out. This service is not available to individuals.
  4. Access to Scripts: this allows you to have your script returned. Original scripts may not be returned until mid-November. If you want to see the script earlier than this (especially if you want to see it with a view to asking for a Review of Marking or Clerical Check) a photocopy of the script can be requested.


If you wish, after due consideration, to pursue one of these options before the start of term then email exams@sghs.org.uk . After the start of term, the necessary forms can be collected from Student Services but returned to the Exams Office by the deadline date.

The procedure to follow

  1. Most importantly talk matters through with your subject class teacher if possible and/or the Curriculum Leader or any of the Senior Staff here to help on Results Day e.g. Mrs McMillan. You may be disappointed with the result but this is not the same as having a genuine case to be made to the Board. You need to take advice from school.
  1. If the advice is to apply for a Review, see Mrs Westcott or others from the Exams Team to obtain and complete the appropriate form. There is a charge made by the Boards for a Review and you have to meet this charge. In a Review your mark and thus your grade could go down.


EXAM DEADLINE SUMMARY: Summer 2015 Exam Series




DEADLINE (For return to Exams Office)


Form 1

Review of Marking – non-priority

14 September 2015


Form 2

Access to Scripts – non-priority

25 September 2015


Form 3

Review of Marking – non-priority

14 September 2015


Form 5

Access to Scripts – non priority Years 12 and 13

25 September 2015



  1. GCE (A2): Priority only available in Year 13 for Review of Marking and Years 12 and 13 for Access to Scripts. GCSE and GCE AS: Review of Marking – only available as non-priority.
  2. Year 13 Priority Review forms need to be with Mrs Westcott as soon as possible and by 21 August at the latest. There is not sufficient time to ask for a script before deciding. The Boards aim to deal with requests within 10 days.
  3. Year 12, 13 & GCSE Review forms need to be with the Exams Office by 14 SEPTEMBER. The Boards aim to deal with requests within 30 days.