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(Above) Our Year 12 History students were recently visited by Eugene Black, an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor. One of the girls said: “It was an honour to speak to Eugene and an amazing experience


Specification AQA A Level History
Contact Mrs G Townend (Curriculum Leader: History, Government & Politics)
Necessary Background Students who have taken GCSE History should have at least a grade B in the subject. Students who have not taken GCSE History should have a grade 6 in English Language.


Is this course for me?

Students taking the A Level History course have to really take enjoyment from the study of History and be prepared to study periods that they may not be familiar with. The course demands a commitment to reading and investigation!

Where can it take me?

The skills most developed by History are those of critical thinking analysis and the ability to express ideas, knowledge and interpretations clearly and coherently - valuable in the fields of management, law, administration, accountancy, journalism and marketing.

What do current students think?

  • “I enjoy the discussions and the debates in A Level History.”
  • “You can do a lot with a History qualification, for example work in law or journalism.”


A Level Qualification Structure:

Component 1 - Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964

BREADTH STUDY: This unit combines the use of interpretations and own knowledge and provides an overview of the principal political, social and economic developments of a revolutionary period in Russian history, including Tsars, Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev.

Exam: 2 hr 30

Component 2 - Wars and Welfare: Britain in Transition 1906-57

DEPTH STUDY: This unit combines the use of sources and own knowledge and provides a depth study of the impact of war upon the economy, society and class in Britain. It also focuses upon political developments and Britain’s role in the world, including the impact of both the First and Second World Wars.

Exam: 2 hr 30

Component 3 - Historical Investigation

This is a coursework unit and is based upon the completion of a Historical Enquiry of 3,500 words.